Automatic Cookie Depositing Machine

Automatic Cookie Depositing Machine

Automaitc cookie depositing machine is small sized and full automatic controlled by PLC control system.the cookie making machine is available for making deposited cookies,wire cutted cookies,strip cookies,butter cookies,etc.

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Cookie Depositing machine features:

1.LCD touch screen control, with computer memory function.

2.Multifunctional, can quickly replace the mouth, whether in mass production or a small variety of appropriate.

3.Nozzles can be rotated, do small cake squeeze pattern.

4.can be cut into a wire cutted shape.

5.Change the hopper to make cake filling.

6.Tray size 600X400MM

Cookie Depositing machine pictures:

cookie making machine manufacturers

cookie depositing machine manufacturers

cookie making machine suppliers

cookie depositing machine suppliers

cookie depositor machine china

cookie depositing machine china

 FAQ for cookie depositing machine

1.What's your warranty for the cookie depositing machine?

we give one year warranty,whole life service.

2.Can you send technican for the cookie depositing machine installation and running?

yes,if required,we will send techncians to customer's factory.

we also provide on line trainning by instructions,videos and email.

3.Are you the manufacturer for the cookie depositing machine?

yes,we are the manufacturers and suppliers of cookie depositing machine.

4.Can we come to test the machine or can we send you materials for testing?

yes,you can,and you are welcome to visit us.

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