Automatic Encruster

The automatic encruster is multifunctional to make different kinds of food products with filling inside.The encrusting machine is with PLC control with touch screen and memory storage function,easy operation.

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The automatic encruster can change different skin thickness, length, size of food with filling or without filling.the automatic encrusting machine can change different molds for making different size food products.

The multifunctional encruster can make many kinds of products,like:

moon cake,maamoul,pineapple cake,pumpkin cake,sweetheart cake,mosaic cake,soft pie,stuffed cake,meat pie,twist cookies,filled cookies,Flatten Filled Cookie,Striped Cookie,Ice Box Cookie,double color cookie,chocolate cookies,fruit bar,Fig newton,twisted Doughnut,filling Bagel,etc.

mochi,mochi ice cream,Daifuku Mochi,red fruit,rice dumpling,potpie, milk-yellow bun,red bean bun,crystal bun,Peach Bun,sesame ball,taro ball,meat ball,fish ball,crystal ball,fish egg ball,colorful fish ball etc.


Tambun-Biscuit/Piroshki,churros,Kubba/kibbeh,coxinha,falafel,croquetas,Rice Croquette,arancini,Meat pia,Nastar,

Falafel,Filled Quenelle,Gulab jamun,Tulumba,Bunuelos,Arepa,Knodel,Topfenknodel,Germknödel,Filled Potato Ball,Pyzy, Rasgulla,Piroshki,Tamales,Filled Gnocchi,pelmeni,worstebroodjes,Meat with Egg, Beef Roll,Bite Size Hamburger, Chicken Kiev,Ang Guh Kueh,Donuts,Filled Hamburg,Chicken Cordon Bleu,Pate,Kartoffelknoedel,Semmelknoedel Filled Quenelle,Knish,Pirogie,Empanadas,Scotch Egg,Pan Fried Beef Bun,Crystal Dumplin,Kuefteta,Cepelinal,Savory Beans,

Gratin Pie,Brownie with filling,Amaretto,Rumkugeln,Rocmia,etc.

Automatic encruster main features:

1.304 stainless steel structure,food grade standard.

2.PLC intelligent control system with touch screen,storage memory function

3.Compact design easy for operation,installation,maintenance and sanitation. 
4.Safety covers and Emergency Stop switch for safety.
5.The product weight,size and casing-filling-ratio could be adjusted as request easily.
6.Multifuncational to produce different kinds of food by changing molds simply. 

7.Branded components made in china or imported 

8.Stable operation,slight error. 

Automatic encruster machine specification:

Product shapeball, cone, round strip, side square, terraced, serrate and etc.
Product weight10-250g
casing and filling proportion1:9-10:0

automatic encruster machine pictures:

encruster price


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If you have any interest in our automatic encruster or want to buy encruster in China,please feel free to contact us!

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