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Automatic cereal bar forming machine is our hot selling products,multifucntional for making didfernet kinds snack bars.The machine is automatic and easy operation.

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Automatic cereal bar forming machine conists of feeding hooper,double roolers,cooling fans,cutting unit and cooling conveyor.The cereal bar machine can be customized made according to customer's requirements.The cereal bar making machine is multifunctional for making differnet kinds cereal bars.


The machine adopts microcomputer control,automatic correct dimensions,Automatic feeding,leveling, chop Recruitment,high yield,Transmission system is concise,clear


FAQ about the cereal bar forming machine

1.Is the cereal bar forming machine automatic machine? 

Yes,the cereal bar forming machine is full automatic machine with PLC control system.

2.Does the cereal bar production line need handwork?

Yes,even if it's an automatic machine,but the machine still need human control,besides,the material preparation also need handwork.

3.Are you the cereal bar machine manufacturers?

Yes,we are the manufacturers and exporter of the cereal bar machinery for years.

4.Can we come to test your machine or can send send your materials for testing?

Yes,you are welcome to vist us and also you can send us your materials for testing.

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