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Automatic muesli bar making machine is with automatic PLC control system,easy operation and high performance. Our muesli bar forming machine is multifucntional for making different kinds of bars.

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Muesli bar making machine is our major product for making muesli bars.The machine is full automatic control with high configuration.The muesli bar forming machine can make rectangular shape products with cutter.The muesli bar cutting machine is multifunctional for make other different kinds of bars. 


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The granola bar making machine is mainly for industrial usage used in factories and food companies.

It is also a best choice for new beginning investment to produce different kinds of muesli bars.

Products samples made by muesli bar making machine:

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1.Free assembling and installation,free operation and training.

2.12months quality warranty since the date of installation.Whole life services.

3.During warranty,all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free.After warranty,all charges with cost price.

4.Support 24hours hot line service,as well as email and video communications.

5.Engineer is always available for customers’machine adjustment and maintenance if required. 

FAQ about the muesli bar making machine

1.Is the muesli bar machine automatic machine? 

Yes,the muesli bar machine is full automatic machine with PLC control system.

2.Does the muesli bar production line need handwork?

Yes,even if it's an automatic machine,but the machine still need human control,besides,the material preparation also need handwork.

3.Are you the muesli bar machine manufacturers?

Yes,we are the manufacturers and exporter of the muesli bar machinery for years.

4.Can we come to test your machine or can send send your materials for testing?

Yes,you are welcome to vist us and also you can send us your materials for testing.

Found in 2004,Shanghai Papa has been food machinery manufacturer and trader for years,we provide full turnkey solutions and complete after-sale services.we have designed and supplied the most advanced muesli bar machine,our muesli forming machine is with high quality standard and greatly appreciated all over the world.

Welcome both old and new customers to contact us if you have any need in our muesli bar cutting machine,please feel free to contact us,we are looking forward to building a long term business relationship with you!

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