Automated Production Guarantee The Quality Of The Moon Cake Safety

- Oct 16, 2017 -

China Baked Food Sugar Products Industry Association President Zhu Nianlin through the past market observation and this year's focus on the moon cake market analysis. He believes that this year's moon cake industry brand concentration to further enhance the enterprises focus on new technology, new skills, new varieties of research and development, increasingly rich varieties of moon cakes; over-packaging has been effectively curbed, the mainstream manufacturers simple packaging, pay more attention to low-carbon environmental protection; Fully embodies the national style and festive atmosphere; astronomical moon cake basically disappeared, enterprises pay more attention to the moon cake culture, health and characteristics, so that appropriate packaging, reasonable pricing, integrity marketing.

Experts predict that this year's national moon cake market sales are expected to rise about 10%, especially around the famous old and well-known brand products will be more popular. Zhu Nianlin, chairman of the board explained that after 10 years of development, China's moon cake industry has become one of the leading industries in the food economy, with the industrial concentration gradually increased, poor follow-up capacity of small enterprises and workshop-style factories continue to be eliminated. Moon cake industry backbone manufacturers have established a large number of modern factories, equipped with mechanized, automatic cake production lines, more enterprises through the ISO9000 quality management system and HACCP food quality assurance system certification, so that from the purchase of materials from the beginning to the production and processing , Storage, packaging, transportation, sale and other aspects of the strict quality of the moon cake security.

Not only that, with the continuous expansion of the scale of production enterprises, equipment and technology constantly updated, innovation and marketing capabilities continue to increase, the consumer market continues to mature, the future of the moon cake industry towards packaging more simple and environmentally friendly, products tend to health and characteristics of enterprises focus on brand and Personalized direction.

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