Avoid Explosion In Drying Oven

- May 05, 2017 -

1. The varnish will be fully drained, absolutely forbid to put the paint on the work of the workpiece in the indoor drying. 2. The working room is warmed up to the drying temperature and enters the thermostatic stage, keeping the blower in operation. Turn off the heater to open the door and place the workpiece in the studio, using waste heat to evaporate most of the mixed xylene gases. The heater must not be heated during preheating. 3. The studio floor can not be placed on the workpiece, the work of the workpiece in the studio can not be stuffed, the workpiece must be left out of the duct, according to the instructions to install the equipment to the wind exhaust device. 4. To the heater to power, monitoring temperature control meter heating process until the temperature of the process is stable. 5. During preheating, the gas is pumped directly out of the outdoors by pumping pipes for half an hour. Or half an hour later open the box door to release the volatile mixture of xylene gases.

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