Baking Machinery Domestic And International Market Competitiveness

- May 05, 2017 -

First, from the sales of the breakdown of products, mooncake machinery market demand gradually decreased, the cake and bread machinery market demand is stable, and the automatic production line demand has increased significantly; second, from the time of sales, the current buyers will be the first after detailed market review, after the product optimization choice, carefully considered before the order will be a single, compared with the previous purchase appears more cautious, but also shows that the current market competition is increasingly fierce. The severe economic situation in the domestic market and the increasingly heated competition. On the other hand is an automated production line growth potential, Chen Xinkui not only sees these two points, and intends to combine the two to find breakthroughs. At present, to enter the high level of mechanical and European markets and earn a place is far from the imagination as easy, Chen Xinkui but for the industry has long established a clear idea: "Product updates, product quality and appearance of continuous optimization, automation to continuously improve the level of enterprise management and staff quality skills and so on." ”

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