Baking Machinery Future Development Direction

- Oct 15, 2017 -

Direction 1: intelligent

The new technologies used in the current food machinery are nanotechnology, intelligent technology, membrane separation technology, cold sterilization technology, extrusion technology, etc., in which nanotechnology and intelligent technology in baking food machinery has a relatively large advantage. Nano-ceramic has a good wear resistance and toughness, can be used in the manufacture of tools and packaging food machinery bearings and sealing ring, thereby enhancing its corrosion resistance and wear resistance, baking food machinery after years of operation and development, Is changing from traditional simple machinery to automated machinery.

Intelligent technology has been widely used in the control system of baking machinery, intelligent electronic control components can bake machine stand-alone effective connection, both to improve production efficiency, but also play the machinery itself has the potential. Intelligent technology in the computer technology can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and enhance the market competitiveness of products.

Direction 2: energy saving

In recent years, energy conservation has become the industrial development principles and objectives, from the energy point of view, the development of energy-efficient baking machinery is the trend, and to subcritical and supercritical high-parameter development to meet the food processing industry low energy consumption needs. By the domestic investment environment and the growing demand for baked goods, China's bakery industry will lead to continued growth opportunities for the development of new. Energy-saving emission reduction, reduce energy consumption is not only the performance of corporate social responsibility, but also their own development needs. Saving resources is to reduce costs and increase profits. Enterprises should clear their own energy conservation and emission reduction status, to improve the environment should be an example.

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