Basic Characteristics Of Food Machinery

- May 05, 2017 -

The whole life cycle of food machinery differs from its lifespan. The whole life cycle of food machinery includes design, manufacture, use, scrap, disposition and other closed loop cycle; Life expectancy often refers to food machinery from the factory or after the use of the product scrap is no longer used to the range, is only part of the life cycle. Because the function and performance of traditional design of food machinery are mainly realized during the period of use, the traditional design mainly solves the design of the function, performance and service life of food machinery operation. Based on the social effect of food machinery, the whole life cycle covers the whole life period, and the life span covers the economical life and the safe service life. As an important turning point in the whole life cycle, the food machinery scrap generally has three criteria: one is the function invalidation, the second is the security invalidation; The whole life cycle design of food machinery means that all aspects of its life course are taken into account in the design stage, so as to optimize the overall life cycle design.

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