Characteristics Of Food Processing Purpose And Equipment Selection

- May 05, 2017 -

Food processing purposes: to maintain the original quality of food, improve and improve the quality of food characteristics, change the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of food, to meet the different needs of people, improve the use of food value and economic value, through food processing or deep processing to develop new products and achieve value-added. Equipment Selection Characteristics: Equipment working parts and technical parameters should be adapted to the biological characteristics of processing products, and in line with the final product processing requirements; Strictly control the processing of raw materials, final product damage and quality reduction; The final product is a food or food raw material processing equipment, should prevent the mechanical or other materials to the final product pollution, to ensure that the final product meets the food hygiene requirements; To avoid contamination of the emissions (slag, bad, pulp, liquid, gas etc.) in the food processing, The contaminated emissions should be equipped with processing equipment to meet emission requirements, and to food containing a variety of nutritional ingredients or pharmacodynamics, consideration should be given to reducing the loss of the nutritional or pharmacological components of the processing equipment; To attach importance to the comprehensive development of by-products and wastes, make full use of resources and improve economic efficiency.

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