Common Troubles And Elimination Of Electric Oven

- May 05, 2017 -

1. No wind or the wind is small: 1 Check the wind impeller is inverted, if the reversal should be the power cord any two lines swap. 2 The wind impeller fell down, should open the oven door, remove the top wind impeller cover plate, a lookout for the impeller to reload, screw tight, and then cover the lid. 3 The Air supply motor does not turn, check the power is missing phase, the phase should immediately shut down check the power cord, or motor burn, should replace the motor. 2. The temperature is not long: 1 The heating pipe is broken, should be folded off the oven to the right heating tube cover plate, replace the heating tube. 2 heating pipe power cord burn or contact bad, should be re wiring. 3. The temperature does not fall, 1 electric contactor burn bite dead, electric power cannot disconnect, should replace contactor, 2 temperature meter is damaged, should be replaced. 3 The temperature line is damaged and should be replaced.

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