Cost Rising Makes Moon Cake Mechanized Production Imperative

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Moon cake prices and labor costs are inextricably linked

Although there are more than two months from the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the new moon cake has been released. It is understood that the overall cost of moon cake this year, up about 20% last year. Guangzhou restaurant official said that this year, lotus seeds rose more than 25% last year, peanut oil rose about 10%. In addition, due to the minimum wage increase, labor costs rose 15%, while transportation costs are expected to rise 10%. Therefore, the Guangzhou restaurant moon cake prices are expected to rise 3% to 5%, individual varieties rose or up to 7%, the overall moon cake market will also have 5% to 10% increase.

This shows that the price of moon cake and labor costs are inextricably linked. For consumers, healthy and delicious, fair price is no better; for food production enterprises, the profit is the maximization of the meaning of production. The food industry is labor-intensive, and moon cake production is no exception. Improve the production of mechanized, automated, intelligent level is to improve efficiency, reduce the cost of the key.

It is imperative for the machine to produce mooncakes

Although mechanization can really improve efficiency and reduce costs, but the poor taste of machinery production of pastry has been a taboo for consumers. Promote the moon cake mechanized production, improve the mouth is imperative. At the same time, to protect food safety, health is also one of the requirements of mechanized production. The use of environmentally friendly mechanical materials and strict sealing technology can be a good guarantee of food hygiene, and reasonable process layout can improve the taste of food. At present domestic and foreign manufacturers in the package stuffing food mechanization research has made some achievements, the successful development of the dumpling machine, steamed buns machine,moon cake machine and a higher degree of automation of universal encrusting machine, Widely used in a variety of stuffed food processing.

Analysis of the industry, only the "autumn" on the eve of Daqing City, these moon cake production enterprises have thousands of temporary employment vacancies. In addition to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is also a temporary demand for temporary employment, every Dragon Boat Festival, the various companies are also competing to recruit workers, only the two festivals before Daqing City, food production industry there are thousands Waiting for temporary arrival.

This time with the machine to replace the artificial has become an inevitable trend. Moon cake production line or maamoul production line only need to put and noodle machine, moon cake stuffing machine, moon cake molding machine, moon cake pendulum machine, oven and other equipment on it, the cost is probably the first year of labor wages, but it can help enterprises save 8-12 Workers.

In fact, in the mechanization of today, most of the moon cake is made of mechanical and manual production. That is: 80% mechanized, 20% handmade. Such as, and surface, seasoning, mixing and other steps to be pure hand, playing cake, baking, packaging and other steps can be used mechanical. In this way, both to meet the expectations of people on the moon cake, but also to solve the efficiency between supply and demand problems.

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