Cylinder Shape Bar Extruder Tested For USA Customer And Ready For Shipment

- Jan 10, 2018 -

On Jan 10th,2018,We tested our new bar extruder/bar extrusion machine for making protein bar for our USA customer.The bar extruder can make protein bar,energy ball,date ball,fruit bar,and so on.It is multifunctional to make different kinds of bar with customized mould according to customer's desire.

We tested two machines ordered by two of our new American customer,after seeing the testing result,customer is very happy and inform us to proceed the shipping.Thanks for customer's trust!

1.New bar extruder for making cylinder shape bar product(diameter:64mm) testing video:


2.New bar extruder for making rectangular shape bar product(width30mm,height25mm) testing video:

Shanghai papa industrial co.,ltd

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