Date Ball Roller Machine Ready And Testing For Saudi Arabia Customer

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Thanks to our Saudi Arabia customer's trust and place the order on date ball roller or date ball rolling machine on Shanghai Papa Industrial.

customer bought a complete set of date ball machine for making date balls.the complete machinery includes:

mixer,nuts grinder,date ball extruder machine,ball roller/rounder,packing machine. 

The date ball machine can also make energy ball/energy bites,protein ball,coconut balls,meat balls,etc. 

date ball roller

date ball rolling machine

Date ball machine testing video below: 


Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,ltd has been the date ball machine manufacturer and supplier for years,we also provide protein bar machine,cereal bar machine,cookie machine,cake machine,and pastry machines,if you have any need,please feel free to contact us!

Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,Ltd

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