Development Status Of Baking Machinery In China

- Oct 15, 2017 -

In China, baking companies in the food processing industry occupies an important position, and in the past few years has been rapid development. Biscuit making, bread baking and dim sum processing show a diversified development trend. Among them, the biscuit production market is relatively mature and perfect, with advanced modern batch processing technology, and bread baking field to mass production and hand-made combination as the main features. Cake, which is often regarded as a traditional food, food and etiquette in close contact with the innovative technology and ideas to make its production methods have been greatly developed. Today, West pastry began to develop in China.

Although the baking industry is about to usher in the future glory, but compared with foreign enterprises there is still a big gap, in order to reduce these gaps, the scale of the enterprise must take the lead in this high-end products to strive for the current one-third of the country To the procurement of baking machinery products abroad, and gradually strive to win over the domestic baking machinery industry level and competitiveness, and small businesses, one is to take the professional production, do fine and stronger, make efforts to improve management, improve the process, improve product quality And taste and competitiveness.

In recent years, food safety problems have been endless, not only in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and other regions have burst the problem of food life-threatening bad events, some of the "hundred drugs do not worry about food safety problems, Invasion of "self-proclaimed people, but also have to admit that food safety has become a common challenge facing the world. Second, as a food machinery manufacturers, not only to grasp the quality of customs, but also should correctly guide the equipment users, how to correctly operate the machinery, how to effectively prevent the cause of insecurity, each link more than a test, each person more than a responsibility, Food safety is no longer a problem that can not be overcome.

China will improve the industrial structure of the baking machinery industry, need to increase investment in scientific research, promote the popularization of high-end baking machinery products, focusing on leading enterprises to build technology research and development laboratories, increase technology and capital investment, to produce high-end products. In the future, China's bakery products will move in the direction of high-end development, while baking machinery manufacturing industry can also be a good reflection of advanced technology and technology.

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