Full Automatic Mooncake Production Line:Mooncake Stamping Machine

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Moon cake stamping machine or mooncake molding machine is used to produce a variety of moon cakes, biscuits and other products of the molding. Moon cake machine is the main molding equipment of the moon cake machine,mooncake encrsuting machine,mooncake stamping machine and mooncake tray arranging machine makes a complete sets of mooncake production line.


Moon cake molding machine with twisted-pair transmission of raw materials, and the use of secondary transmission design, raw materials in the transport process evenly, so that the skin filling operation to minimize the pressure to maximize the retention of internal oil filling, baking back to the oil quickly , Color Yan, taste good, as manual package system. The machine is equipped with high wear-resistant sets of tools, imported international electrical control system (inverter, programmable, touch screen control panel), all contact with food are stainless steel and food grade plastic, health, safe and efficient. User-friendly operating system, easy to understand, can adjust the proportion of skin filling, and quantitative and accurate; convenient and quick; to produce the product looks smooth, uniform size, beautiful appearance.


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