How To Make Filling Cookie Or Double Color Cookie?

- Sep 11, 2017 -

Nowadays the cookie machines in the market are either mechanial controlled or PLC controlled,they are most for making deposited cookies,most machine can only make normal cookies with single color,only a few companies' cookie machine can make double color cookies.But all these machines can not make filling cookies.Even if their machine can,the machine price is extremely expensive. 


Our Double filling cookie encrusting machine will meets customers' needs who want to make filling cookies with lowest cost.our double filliing cookie machine is available for making filling cookie,double filling cookie,single color cookie and double color cookie.

The Double color cookie filling machine is automatic PLC control with touch screen,cookies sizes can be adjusted as per customer's require.Also the machine is small sized and easy operation,it's convenient for transportation and installation,most importantly,it largely saves customer's cost and labour. 

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