Newest Development Prospect For Cookie Pastry Machine

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Nowadays the fast pace life and huge market demand make the traditional hand made can not keep up the pace of production,which makes the mechanized production a must.We have a lot unique food processing crafts,same food may has differnt taste and process to make it.

We have many kinds of traditional pastry food with different flavours.Most popular ones are mooncake,

crispy cake and cookie pastry.Among them,the crispy cake from originally hand made to mechanized production nowadays,both the production crafts and the production speed enhance a lot.the crisy cake machine is getting popular in the market by the food factories and manufacturers. 

Compared to other traditional food,cookie pastry is also based on the traditonal hand made craft,

which has been gradually replaced by machinery since the machanization development.With the increasing market demand and technology improvement,no only the crisy cake,but also the mooncake and the cookie pastry basically have realized the mechanized production. 

Even though the machinery haven't replace the hand made process totally,the trend for machinery production is getting obvious.The machinery production not only save the labour costs,but also increase the production efficiency and production quality.Though that traditional hand made has certain advantage of "taste",with the labour cost keep increasing and hand crafts keep losing,more and more hand made food will be replaced by machinery producion.Food machinery production is an inevitable trend in future,food company,especially cookie pastry company should take the chance,starting from their production machinery to improve their technical content and meet the market needs.


Shanghai Papa upgraded our cookie depositor machine with newest control system and imported famous brands,our cookie machine is now multifunctional for making both deposited cookies and wire cutted cookies. 

Also we successfully improved our design to make cakes as well in the same machine.Customer only need to remove and change the depositing head if he want to change from cookie to cake or cake to cookie.Our cookie cake depositor is now becoming one of our hot sale product,welcome customers from all over the world to contact us. 

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