Saudi Arabia Customer Send Third Party Factory Audit Company For Mochi Ice Cream Machine Inspection

- Oct 11, 2017 -

On 9th,OCT,we welcomed the third party factory audit company to our factory for the mochi ice cream machine and nut dates bar machine inspection.they carefully checked our certification and standards,material qualiy  and machine quality control,tax records and sub-supplier contracts,etc.the inspection process went very well,we were happy that customer was satisfied for the final audit report. 

What we want to say is that the factory audit raised one common concern among buyers:

Is the supplier qualified for their products? 

or can we trust the supplier and his product?

this is the biggest concerns among buyers,internet makes global business more convenient and available,mutual trust becomes the problem,especially when some suppliers haven't offered the goods promised to be.It makes buyers more worried about be cheated or receive poor quality goods.So it is understandable that buyers are getting more cautious,they will contact suppliers for longer time to get more information of the suppliers and their products,some buyers choose to come visit or send others(friends or third party agent) to come,coming to check will make buyer assured of their decision and check the supplier and goods in person.

So both the supplier and buyers should communicate more details to build mutual trust,it is not easy,but when the trust is built,business cooperation becomes easier.Supplier should focus more on their product quality and service,and show the best side of themselves in front of buyers. 


Shanghai Papa Industrial Co.,LTD





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