Should Customer Worry About The Food Machine Quality?

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Chinese food machinery has been developing and imporving for decades,and now China is one of the biggest exporting country for food machine.More and more customers,importers,distributors and sellers come to China from all over the world for business and some of them already stay in China for many years,They know China well and they have good business relationship with Chinese suppliers.China is now their first Choice for machinery becasue of its excellent quality and attractive price. 

But still,there are some new customers who don't know China well and have not bought any Chinese product before,they also have little experience on importing from China.On the other hand,there are some customers who have bad experience with Chinese suppliers,some get the goods that quality is not what promised to be,some even get cheated.All these factors seriously affect the mutual long business cooperation among Chinese supplier and oversea importers. 

Most Customers always have the same question to themselves:Should I worry about the product quality?

In fact,Made in China is not it used to be,Nowadays Made in China means the good quality of Chinese products and its good services.Chinese Suppliers are doing their best to improve their product quality to meet customers' requirements.Because they know deep in their heart that it is the only way to do the long term business.

As a food machinery supplier and exporter,we are responsible to declare that we are honest supplier with good quality machinery which are CE certificated,Besides,we offer 1-2years warranty for our machines and with whole life after-sale services.We spend lots of time and costs on machinery developing every year,we also imported advanced machinery from oversea to study and innovate.Now we have a few very popular products.For example,Our cereal bar machine , protein bar machine and date ball machine are getting very popular in USA and Europe,because they meet customer's requirement to make healthy nutriton bars with lowest costs.

After studying the company,Customers should have more faith in food machine and should not worry about the machine quality.We are always welcome both old and new customers come to our factory for a vist and we will arrange machine test if required.

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