The Era Of Mooncake Mechanization Is Coming

- Aug 01, 2017 -

As Mid-Autumn Festival is coming,The mooncake market is coming its peak season.As a long history Chinese traditional festival,Mooncake is not only just a food,it is more of a symbol of good wishes that all family happy reunion with good lives.Now ou can see all kinds of mooncakes everywhere in supermarkets or shops.So demand for mooncake manufacturing and baking machinery is increasing accordingly. 

To win customers'recognition and love,innovation and taste is the most important factors.Hence,mooncake manufacturer must demand for higher requires and standard for mooncake machine,better machinery make better mooncakes.


Era of mooncake mechanization is coming

Now many mooncake factories and shops adopts machanical production for mooncakes,in order to enhance production efficiency and meet the needs of market.So many of them build the advanced mooncake production line,starting form dough sheeting,pressing to baking and packaging,full automation to greatly decrease the influence of human touch on food.

In fact,nowadays most mooncakes are made by machinery,except 20% of the process are made by the flour mixing and flavour adding,rest shaping,baking and packaging process by machinery.In this way,we can solve both the demand for hand made mooncakes and the efficiency between supply and demand.


Current market condition for mooncake machinery 

In recent years,the bakery food industry is develping very fast,which also drive the development of agriculture,agricultural produts processing industry,food machinery and packaging industry.

The mooncake mechanization is more obvious,there are two changes on the mooncake market: 

  1. Even though the demand for mooncake machinery is decreasing,but demand for full automatic prodution line is increasing.

  2. Even though the Festival has a huge pushing influence on mooncake selling,buyers will study the market first,then choose the brands.they are more cautious.In another way,we can see the market competition is getting fierce. 

In the future,Mooncake full automatic production is getting more common,single mooncake machinery will be eliminated.It means both opportunity and challenge for whole moonccake machinery and equipments.The mooncake manufacturers must grasp the chance to improve themselves. 


Sum up 

Both mooncake market deveopment and Mid-Autumn culture development can not leave the mooncake machinery.Except the taste and innovation,mooncake processing safety is also very important.Only safe and delicious mooncakes can win customers' favour and enable the manufacturers to a long development.

We must study the core technology if we want a larger development and win the competition in the world.Besides,as there are many kinds and tastes of mooncakes in market,the mooncake machinery can subdivide to more specific machinery.

in a word,the mooncake machinery manufacturers should adjust product structure,improve product quality,technology level and innovation,as well as laying emphasis on machinery design and production,to enhance the mooncake machinery competition at home and abroad!

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