Welcome UAE Customer To Our Factory To Test And Learn Date Ball Machine

- Sep 18, 2017 -

On Sep.14th,Shanghai Papa warmly welcomed our UAE customer to check and ship their ordered date ball machine.The date ball machine or called protein ball machine /energy ball machine consists of Automatic extruder machine and Automatic ball rounder machine,which is getting popular in the market.


We guided our customer a short tour to our factory and then we arranged 2 days date ball machine testing for customer,the testing include three parts: testing customer's ordered date ball product;testing different recipes of date ball products;testing other products like protein bar,cookie,etc).The testing went very well and customer was very happy about the machine!during the testing,we teach customer how to operate the machine,it only took customer half day to lean the operation,also we saved the teaching videos for customer to backup. 


On the Third day,we cleaned the date ball extruder machine and the date ball rounder machine carefully and packed with strong wooden box.Customer was very happy with everything and we took him a picture to memory this visiting!


Same to many other new customers,this customer had doubts in our company and machine in the beginning,after a deep understanding on us,we bought materials arrcording to customer's recipe and finished our first date ball trial testing,customer was very happy with the testing result and decided to pay the down payment.But still,customer was worried about the machine quality and our after-sale services,so customer decided to come for machine testing and learning as well as shipping.This way will save both customer and us lots of trouble for machine installation and training. 

If any customer has any doubts and questions on our machines and services,please feel free to ask us,we will do the best we can to cooperate.We are looking forward to a long term business relationship with you! 

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