What Does Multi-functional Encrusting Machine Operation Process Need To Pay Attention To?

- Oct 16, 2017 -

1, move the multi-functional package stuffing machine, should try to avoid vibration, abrasions and other accidental damage.

2, in order to avoid transient voltage damage to the device, is not allowed to operate in the case of power on.

3, the ambient temperature below zero or higher than forty degrees (Celsius) can not work properly.

4, the ambient temperature and humidity 90% RH or the existence of dew condensation {due to temperature changes or other factors caused by} can not work properly.

5, corrosive gases (such as hydrogen chloride, etc.), conductive dust, oil mist or organic solvent occasions can not work properly.

6, a strong electric field or magnetic field can not work properly, the installation should be away from the high-frequency high-power impact of electrical equipment.

7, the total power to the host of the power switch with the line, by the user at the time of installation.

8, requires three-phase power supply with six kilowatts.

9, leather hardness with the basic consistent.

10, skin, filling the adjustment rate should be coordinated, otherwise it will increase the weight of the finished product error.

11, leather or fillings too hard, the machine's fuse will automatically break to protect the mechanical parts are not damaged.

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