What Is Chocolate Enrobing Machine?

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Chocolate enrobing machine is a special machine for producing  different kinds of chocolate paste coated products. It can enrobe chocolate paste on the surface of many kinds of foods, such as wafer biscuit, biscuits, egg roll, cookie-pie, snack bars and etc.This chocolate enrobing machine can make the chocolate coated products with special taste and flavor.

The chocolate enrobing machine combines with the cooling tunnel to be a complete chocolate enrobing line

The chocolate enrober machine can coat the whole surface or coat the single surface. The coating areas can be controlled by vibration and wind speed. Fan speed is uniform ,high quality for coating the chocolate .Coating surface is uniform, smooth and beautiful.

 The cooling tunnel with refrigerating unit  is with air flow uniform and stability ,better than the normal equipments.

The chocolate enrobing machine can also equipped with chocolate decorator to improve product quality ,decorate zigzags or stripes of different color on the surface of enrobing products and with granular spreader to spread material on the top to add product tastes,like sesame or peanut granulars on the enrobing products.

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