What Is Encrusting Machine?

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Many customers are not familar with the Automatic Encrusting Machine or Encruster,So what exactly is Encrusting Machine? 

Multifunctional Encrusting Machine can change different kinds of product size,weight by changing moulds,the encrusting machine can make stuffed or non-stuffed pastries like cookie,maamoul,mooncake,

pineapple cake,mochi,ice cream mochi,meat ball,protein energy ball,crystal bun,etc.

The encruster also combine stamping machine so as to make products with stamping shape,like the maamoul/mooncake,and combine with guillotine cutter to make protein bar or dates bar,and combine with rounding machine to make the protein energy balls. 

protein ball machine.JPG

The Encrsuting machine detailed specifications are below: 

overall size:1680x860x130mm



Voltage: 220v,50/60HZ 

Output capacity: 60-99pcs/min

Product weight: 10g-250g

Machine Features:

High speed. Up to 99pcs/min, 1.5 times than the similar machine.

Multifunctional,available for making any products ,including sticky products like the mochi or thin skin juicy products like the fish ball.

Products are stable,small error.

high-end configuration such as the Japanese Panasonic's frequency changer,  Taiwan electrical machinery etc. 

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