What Is Tray Arranging Machine?

- Oct 15, 2017 -

1.Applicable to the scale production of food enterprises to make mooncakes.

2.According to the needs of users, the number of placed, moon cake diameter size, free to modify the parameters, the moon cake will be automatically discharged in the baking tray.

3.Control system consists of Mitsubishi PLC and imported touch screen. Easy to operate.

4.with automatic fault diagnosis, fault in the touch screen display, at a glance.

5.surface all stainless steel, meet food hygiene standards.

6.combined with automatic encrusting machine and automatic stamping machine to be an automatic production line, a high degree of automation. Improve production efficiency.

Automatic platters are the main supporting equipment for moon cake production lines. The machine is highly automatic, resource saving (human), improve production efficiency.


servo motor, PLC control system, import touch screen, automatic fault diagnosis, all electronic control, stainless steel, equipment, large, conveyor belt and so on.

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