Chocolate Moulding Line suppliers
  • Complete Maamoul Production Line

    Complete Maamoul Production Line

    Maamoul production line includes encrusting machine,stamping machine and tray arranging machine.The maamoul processing line can make different size and shape of maamouls by change the different...

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  • Complete Mooncake Production Line

    Complete Mooncake Production Line

    The mooncake production line can make different kind shapes and sizes of mooncake by change moulds.The mooncake processing line can also make other kind product like maamoul,pineapple cake,etc.

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  • Automatic Chocolate Making Machine

    Automatic Chocolate Making Machine

    The chocolate making machine is specially made for chocolate depositing and moulding,the chocolate machine can make pure chocolate,compound chocolate,center filling chocolate,double color...

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  • Sesame Bar Forming Machine Suppliers

    Sesame Bar Forming Machine Suppliers

    Sesame bar forming machine consists of:feeding hopper,roller,cooling fans,cutters,conveyor.The sesame bar making machine has two models to make nomral sesame bar products and thin groove sesame...

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